La Renaissance started 16 years ago. Prior to that, in the whole of Burkina Faso there was only one school where blind and visually impaired children could learn the three Rs. It was run by ABPAM (similar to the RNIB here), Mr Wedraogo was the director and was required to retire at the age of 57. However, he wanted to carry on educating blind children, street children and orphans and preferred to do that in mixed classroom environment incorporating children with all forms of disability and from all backgrounds.

To do so he needed funding to build and run a private school. He met Dick Tucker who was working for a Dutch charity, FORCE who then returned to request funding from European charities. BCF responded to this request and Arthur Burden and Kevin Hancock visited the project and met all involved. BCF suggested that there was a board of directors to run the project (Association La Renaissance).The Burkina government signed an agreement with Association La Renaissance to assign teachers to the school. The agreement was to implement the Burkina syllabus and operate an integrated, inclusive school.BCF entirely funded the school. It is fully equipped with a borehole for water, a canteen, separate toilets (boys, girls, and staff), a Braille transcription room, a library and an admin room.